Back to School. Tips on avoiding lice

It’s that time of year again.  New back packs, lunch bags, coloured pencils and head lice!!  Yes head lice.  Yikes no one wants head lice.  So how can you avoid getting it?  A few tips from the experts at Lice Services Canada on how to avoid lice.

  • No sharing hats, brushes and combs.  Remind your children before they go to school to not share and you will have to remind them often.
  • Check your child’s class.  Do they have a dress up box?  Or shared items?  Remind the teacher that this is an area where lice can be spread.
  • Keep your child’s hair in a braid or bun.  This will be very important when they are working in close groups in class.
  • Get your child to place their hat in the sleeve of their coat when at school.
  • Check where your child puts their coat. Is it touching other coats?  Make sure the coats are spaced out or have your child place their coat in another area.
  • Spray your child with a preventative lice spray.  Lice Services Canada has a fantastic Mint Spray that help prevent head lice.

The best way to avoid head lice is to check once a week.  If your child does get head lice it won’t be a progressed case and probably won’t have spread to all the family members. 

If you suspect that your child, or you, has lice, you need to know where to look. Lice love to lay their eggs around the hairline at the neck and the hairline around the ears.  Lint or dandruff can be easily plucked off a hair but eggs are glued on one side of the hair shaft.  These eggs are laid close to the scalp as close as 2mm.

At Lice Services Canada we are The Original Lice Experts and we are here to help.  Not sure it’s lice? Send us a picture for a free diagnosis and expert advice.

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