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The best treatment for lice: It’s not what you think

What do people typically do for head lice? They often turn to over-the-counter gels, lotions and creams for treating lice. These are topical treatments applied to the head and left on for a few minutes or hours, and then rinsed off.  Are these lice treatments the best? Do they even actually work?

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Is olive oil lice treatment a myth?

Olive oil is great for many reasons. Killing or removing lice isn’t one of them. There’s a home remedy doing the rounds, though. It requires you to combine olive oil with conditioner and liquid soap, apply it to your hair, leave it on for a few hours, rinse hair with vinegar, use a lice comb to remove dead lice, and repeat this process every week!

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Lice Shampoo: Does it really kill lice?

The moment you discover that you or the kids have lice, the first reaction is to rush to the drug store and buy a lice shampoo. It seems very easy to just kill and wash away the lice except it doesn’t work.  If you have dealt with lice before, you know that the lice can be very resilient and that you need to break the life cycle of the bugs.

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Expert lice removal tips from Lice Services Canada

If the mere mention of the word “lice” makes you cringe, wait until you or your kids have them. Lice can attack the best of us, but the good news is they’re easy to get rid of. At Lice Services Canada, our experts suggest the following steps to help you with your lice infestation.

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No one wants to like me on Facebook

So my marketing consultant keeps advising me on how I need to be on social media more. “Post on Facebook! Tweet on Twitter!” she keeps telling me. “The more people who share, the more the word will get out about what you do.”

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Best treatments for lice: Don’t fall for a Pinterest fail!

Here at Lice Services Canada, we’ve seen it all and heard it all from our customers. Many consider coming to us as a last resort when everything else has failed. What is everything else? These are ‘recommended remedies’, ‘no-fail’ treatments, and ‘easy DIY cures’ that usually only make the situation worse.

Lice removal mousse and combs

Lice removal success starts with the right lice removal comb

When you purchase the products from the drug store they come with a plastic comb.  So naturally you figure that this is the best comb because it came in the package.  Right?  Wrong.  These plastic combs are absolutely useless.  The tines are too far apart to grab anything.