The best treatment for lice: It’s not what you think

What do people typically do for head lice? They often turn to over-the-counter gels, lotions and creams for treating lice. These are topical treatments applied to the head and left on for a few minutes or hours, and then rinsed off.  Are these lice treatments the best? Do they even actually work?

The issue with lice treatment products bought at the drug store is that they all contain insecticides and pesticides.  Some of these products can irritate the scalp. One has to be particularly careful when using them on children.  These products have been known to fail on many occasions.

Pesticides are generally 92 to 94 percent effective, which means that they leave behind 6 to 8 percent of the lice and eggs. The infestation can resurface after a couple of weeks, when the residual eggs hatch and lice lay more eggs. That's why the American Academy of American Dermatology (AAD) strongly recommends using a lice comb and physically removing lice and nits in order to completely get rid of lice.

The most effective strategy is to treat and then brush with a nit comb daily until there is no longer evidence of nits," says Paradi Mirmirani, M.D. 

These products also come with a lice comb. Most of these combs have their teeth too wide apart to trap tiny lice and eggs. You need to use a professional lice removal comb and follow the proper combing techniques to be successful.

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