The History of Lice Combs

Lice combs have been around for centuries.  When combs from the first century were discovered the archeologists thought they were just beautiful combs that were used every day.  It wasn’t until that they took a closer look that they found lice and eggs still stuck in the combs.  The ancient lice combs are double sided with more teeth on one side than the other.  One side was used to take the tangles out of the hair.  The side was used to take the lice and eggs out.

This design was used through the centuries in many different cultures.    These combs were made from wood, bone or ivory and often had intricate designs on them.  Unfortunately the design fell out of favour and was replaced with the cheap plastic combs that are currently used now.   If you have ever used these plastics combs you know that all they do is cause frustration as the lice and eggs go in between the teeth.

All through the centuries people knew the answer to lice removal was the comb.  The ancient design was good but it took many hours to remove everything.  Today families are busy and don’t have the hours required to remove lice and eggs.   So now you really need a great comb and Lice Services Canada has that comb.  The teeth are tight together and there is a microgroove that runs along each tooth.  These microgrooves help take out the eggs and lice easily.   This fantastic comb may not be a pretty as the ancient ones but they are very durable.  These combs can be sanitized and used on every family member and will last for years.

A 19th-century de-lousing comb made in India. (Photo: Science Museum, London, Wellcome Images

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