The world is over “I have lice”

As you can probably imagine the word lice would totally devastate any teenager.  Your teenager will think this is the end of the world!!!  They will think they are dirty and that if their friends find out they will be an outcast.  These are valid concerns from a teenager perspective but the myths need to be busted.

My advice to parents is to talk lice.  Talk lice before they get it and break the myths associated with lice.  When the friends are together talk about lice and that anyone can get it.  You may find that they will share experiences from the past.  Mention that yes it is a nuisance but can be dealt with quick and effectively.

Here is some important information to share with your teenager.

  • Lice actually prefer clean hair so having lice doesn’t mean you are dirty.
  • Lice like everyone from a newborn to a senior citizen so they aren’t the only one in the world with lice.
  • You don’t have to be itchy to have lice.  If a friend tells them they have lice have your head checked too even if you aren’t itchy.
  • Using a flat iron doesn’t work as you can’t get close enough without burning your scalp.
  • Putting homemade remedies such as mayonnaise on your head doesn’t work and can be dangerous as it creates salmonella.
  • Lice can be eliminated quickly if you know the facts and deal with it properly.  Don’t try any quick fixes as they don’t work.  Get the facts and deal with it safely and effectively. Using natural shampoo, a good comb and proper techniques is what works.
  • Telling your friends is a good thing so that they can all be checked and treated as necessary.  This stops the spread.

Lice is the topic no one wants to talk about but almost everyone at some point in their life will get.  Take the time to do your research and make good safe decisions about dealing with lice.  Remember many of the products bought at the drug store don’t work and many contain pesticides.  Some of these products claim to kill the eggs.  There is nothing on the market that kills the eggs so you need to manually remove all the lice and eggs.  This can be time consuming but it can be done using natural shampoo and a good lice removal tool such as Lice Services Canada products.

Lice is not fun and remember there are no quick fixes but it can be dealt with safely and effectively.  Get the facts and bust the myths. You and your teenager will get through this nuisance and it won’t be the end of the world.

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