Lice Shampoo: Does it really kill lice?

The moment you discover that you or the kids have lice, the first reaction is to rush to the drug store and buy a lice shampoo. It seems very easy to just kill and wash away the lice except it doesn’t work.  If you have dealt with lice before, you know that the lice can be very resilient and that you need to break the life cycle of the bugs.

Do lice shampoos kill lice?

Truth be told, most of the lice shampoos do not 100% kill lice. And none of them can kill the eggs (nits). It is only a matter of days before the eggs hatch.  This cycle will continue unless you manually remove all of the eggs and lice.

How over-the-counter lice shampoos work

The way these products work is that the lice ingest the shampoo and the theory is that the bugs will die.   But now the lice have developed resistance to these products and the media have now started calling them “super lice”.

The correct way to eliminate lice

At Lice Services Canada we use our lice shampoo which is plant based enzyme.  It is a natural product that you can use repeatedly with short intervals, breaking the lifecycle of the lice. With this shampoo and our professional comb coupled with our exclusive removal techniques we will have you lice free quickly and efficiently.

What to do next

Call us at 613-482-1432 and we will answer all your lice questions. We are happy to share our knowledge with you.  Not sure it is lice?  Take a picture and send it to us. We will do a free diagnosis for you.  Our team of experts have been answering questions and removing lice for over ten years.  Trust the original lice experts in Ottawa – Lice Services Canada.

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