How to avoid head lice

What to do if you get lice

What are lice?

Lice are a small grey or reddish brown bugs. They only live on the human head. Lice range in size from 1mm to 4mm depending on their age. Lice lay tear shaped eggs on one side of the hair shaft. This occurs very close to the scalp and the eggs need the heat from the head to hatch. The viable egg will be brownish to caramel in colour. They are never white.

They feed on blood and can’t live more than 48 hours off a human head. A female louse lives for approximately 30 days and lays 3 to 5 eggs per day. Empty egg cases or dead eggs are called nits and are clear. Lice eggs take 7 to 10 days to hatch. Newly hatched lice are called nymphs and take 7 to 10 days to mature enough to mate.

Lice do not hop, jump or fly. Head lice only survive on the human head. They can’t live without a blood meal longer than 48 hours.

What do I do about my house?

It is important to deal with your environment. The following steps should be done the same day as your 1st appointment where lice and eggs have been removed.

1. Any items that can be placed in a dryer put on high heat for 30 minutes.

2. If it can’t be put in the dryer put it away for 48 hours.

3. Vacuum items that can’t go in the dryer or be put away for 48 hours

Why use pesticide-free products?

Studies have shown that lice have built a resistance to products that contain pesticides and/or chemicals. The best method to remove head lice and eggs is to manually remove using a quality lice comb along with a natural product. This is the process we have specialized in to help you with your lice removal needs.