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Thank you to ChatterBlock for hosting our article "Oh No I Got the Dreaded Letter" on their Blog. Getting the letter from school that your child has lice. How to handle the situation so your child is lice free safely and quickly.

Thanks to for hosting our "Lice: the word that causes panic" article.

Thanks to Canadian BLOG House for publishing our "12 Myths about head lice" dispel article. 


Thank you to for hosting a Lice Services Canada blog post "Got lice? There’s nothing to be ashamed of!" on their website. We all know how we feel when we hear the word lice! It really is nothing to be ashamed of.


Thank you to Mom Break for sharing our blog post "Back to School, Lice Strikes Again!". It is very important to share this information and help educate parents on the importance of checking their children for lice once they are back in school after being off for a holiday.


Thank you to Källababy for highlighting Lice Services Canada on their Blog this week.
Check out the blog post: Simple Tips to Avoid Head Lice

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Make sure to check out our contribution to the Mom On the Go Ottawa Blog! Thank you to Mom On the Go Ottawa! Check out the blog post: Mom On the Go Ottawa: Tips from Lice Services Canada

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Thank you to Matt from Ottawa Magazine for dropping by our clinic to learn more about lice and what Lice Services Canada can do to help you when you are in that panic situation after discovering someone in your family has lice. We agree - it is better to educate yourself ahead of time so you know just what to do and what not to do. Check out our Q/A featured in the Ottawa Magazine. Read the article: Mayo? Insecticide? A vacuum? What’s the right way to treat lice? — Lice Services Canada picks through the myths

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We are very excited about becoming a Patron of the A peek inside the fishbowl blog! Make sure to check out their blog and learn about the opportunity to take part in a giveaway that we are offering. It is a great opportunity! Read the blog here: Welcoming a new patron, plus a giveaway for Ottawa families 

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If you missed our visit to Daytime Ottawa on Rogers on the 7th of February, here is a link for you to watch our interview at about the 35-minute mark. (Note you have to be a Rogers Customer to sign in and watch). Watch the video here

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I would like to thank Carol Anne Meehan from 1310 News (Local Stories - Local People with Carol Anne Meehan) for having me on her show this afternoon. It was wonderful being able to share my knowledge and bust some of the myths around headlice. Click on the link below to listen to the interview (my interview starts at 33 minutes).

Please share with anyone you feel that can benefit from understanding what to do if you are faced with headlice in your home! Listen to the show here