Natural Lice Removal Products in Ottawa

All of our lice removal products and combs are also used in our clinic and by our mobile service technicians.

Lice Removal Comb

Success starts with a great nit and lice removal tool.  This Lice Services Canada Terminator Comb provides a safe, easy and effective way to remove head lice. 


Lice Services Canada Professional Solution

The Professional Solution is formulated with natural enzymes. This is ideal for older children and those with long hair.


Lice Services Canada Mousse

The mousse is formulated with natural enzymes that help dissolve the glue that holds the eggs to the hair shaft. This no-mess foaming mousse makes removal easier with the use of the terminator comb. This mousse is ideal for use on young children.


Lice Services Canada Repel

This mint spray is a specialized formula with aromatherapy properties to help deter head lice. Simply mist the hair and it can be used several times during the day.



Lice Services Canada Environmental Spray

This non-toxic spray is ideal for couches, car seats, helmets and rugs. This is child and pet friendly.

Our non toxic products along with our specialize lice removal techniques are the best way to eliminate head lice. Please call or email for an appointment.